Teacher training / 50 hour

Advanced Assisting and Touch Methodology


Location London, UK
12-13 and 18-20 January
09.00 - 19.00
Course fee £550
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An advanced teacher training course with Michael James Wong, co-founder of Sunday School Yoga. Join us for this 50 hour post graduate teacher training course that covers the education and approach needed for competent and confident hands on assisting.

For many new teachers, putting your hands on a students body is a scary and unnatural thing. And that’s okay. It means you care. Learning how to assist the room, while teaching and touching is a task that takes time, focus and experience. So we have a whole course dedicated to just this. This course focuses entirely on how to build your knowledge and know-how for hands-on support in class. The aim of the course is to share the concepts behind the power of the touch, the SSY assisting methodology and the details behind the techniques needed for manual adjustments.     

This is a practical course with all 50 hours as hands-on experience.    

What does the course offer? 

  • SSY assisting methodology  - Learning the ‘why’ before placing your hands on a student.     

  • Assisting codes of conduct - Understanding the important of respect and care when supporting your students.

  • Be prepared - Setting up the room; before, during & after class. 

  • Assisting the body - Posture postural analysis and learning to read the body.

  • Working with injuries and understand how to support with props - Understanding the categories of assists and the purpose they serve 5 types of assisting & manual adjustments.  

  • Direct & compound assisting techniques - Assisting the body in different disciplines and contact points   

  • Facilitated teaching with hands on support - The art of teaching & touching at the same time 

  • Deepening the experience  - Supporting and assisting different levels of students; brand new beginners, to advanced practitioners    

This course is YA USA YACEP accredited.