At Sunday School, it's important that we give back and take our yoga off the mat. There is so much more to this practice than the shapes we make and the classes we teach. And as teachers we must lead by example and bring our yoga into the world for all to benefit.

POUNDS OF POSITIVITY is an SSY initiative that is all about creative activism, community service and giving back. Throughout the year we have SSY Charity events, masterclasses, workshops and offerings that help to raise money to support our cause. Combined with a portion of the donations collected from our monthly gatherings, SSY'ers come together to use that money to impact our local & community initiatives. 

In 2018 we will see a group of SSY'ers come together to form POP's committee which will use that money to create a positive impact in the community, and share and show how yoga is a valuable practice off the mat and in the real world and in our everyday lives.

Want to get involved? Drop us an email hello@sundayschoolyoga.com

Join us for our upcoming June 17th, Charity Masterclass w/ SSY Co-Founder Michael James Wong & International Guest Teacher and Mentor Persia Juliet. SSY has partnered up with The Life Centre (www.thelifecentre.com) to host this event, and we're continually honoured and 

All proceeds from the evening will kick start our initiative and even more, SSY will match the donations made from ticket sales, this will give our SSY community the means to make change.